Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Small Ting to the World!

The animation reaching places that i can't reach yet!! In July it was screened in Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Canada. This was the first time my animation made it in a Film Festival outside of Trinidad so that was big for me.

Apparently the response was good because a few weeks later I was contacted
(via Facebook) by a guy who saw the animation in the film festival and was interested of making it a part of a Caribbean Short film showcase that would be screened in Rode Loper Film Festival in Amsterdam and the Shoot Me Film Festival in Hague. His name is Emiel Martens, the Executive Director of Caribbean Creativity, an organization that promotes creative expression from the Caribbean. Yuh done know i was all for that so I send my stuff to him and that was that. Small Ting becoming ah Big Ting!!

Caribbean Creativity Flyer

Emiel Martens and Douwe Dijksterhuis from Caribbean Creativity

The Table in front of the screening tent with information about the Caribbean showcase.
(yuh see d little postcard with d octopus on it, that was done by Luis Vasquez for Animae Caribe. D thing reach Netherlands Big up Yuhself !)

A screen shot of my animation in the Shoot Me Film Festival.

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