Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Political Landscape

When we talk about landscapes we usually think about spatial representations of the environment around us, but to me it is sometimes more interesting to present aspects of our landscape that are not easily exposed. Social issues such as crime and corruption affects us all on a daily basis either directly or indirectly, so why do some people view it as not being part of our landscape? This was my motivation for creating these pieces. I needed to express my views on the political landscape of Trinidad and showcase the views and opinions of others through my paintings.

Election Gimmick:- Elections in Trinidad is really interesting. We beg politicians for basic necessities for years but only around election time we would see these issues being 'halfway' addressed. They pave roads and clean streets in an attempt to silence us and convince us to vote for them, but isn't it ironic that the same index finger they use to silence us, is the same finger we use to vote for them. THE POWER IS IN YOUR FINGER.

Father of the nation?

I want your VOTE!!:- Uncle Patos (Patrick Manning-Prime Minister) running things. We saw the extent of this when he decided to allow a smelter plant to be constructed in this country with blatant disregard for the well being of citizens. But you know what, that is what you guys voted for.



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