Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2010 Promo by Buhwamoder

Check this out. Buhwamoder took the TTFF Vendor promo and chopped it up into PIECES!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

TTFF 2010 short film ident competition

I am no film maker but I enjoy coming up with interesting concepts no matter what the medium. So when I saw that TTFF was having a competition for youths under 28 to come up with a storyboard or script for a 30-60 second ident, I decided to participate. The concept needed to be based on their theme "You're in Focus", and for me that meant documenting something that we see every day but not necessarily notice - Highway Vendor.
Storyboard for TTFF 2010 short film ident.

On our way to work on our nation's highways, we see them plying their trade, precariously weaving in and out of traffic, selling everything from drinks and snacks to fruits and car accessories. This is what I think we should strive to represent more in our work as creative people. To view the other three idents that won and also to get more information about Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2010 check the link HERE


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