Saturday, October 16, 2010

Be Happy at 50 Design

OK so my neighbour, Percival Brathwaite, had his 50th birthday thanks giving a few months ago. I was asked to design the invitation and other complementary items. I was really excited to create somewhat of a logo first and then allow the other designs to feed off of it. I could remember his words ' Seon all you have to remember when you doing the design is to put beehappy at 50 and incorporate a bee and a pan.' I understood why he wanted beehappy because people call him Percy Bee so that was the link. The design came together after several failed attempts and in the end it proved to be quite suitable.

Initial concepts

Final Design


T-shirt design

Projector  Images        
 I even hand painted an outfit for him with the same beehappy design.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2010 Promo by Buhwamoder

Check this out. Buhwamoder took the TTFF Vendor promo and chopped it up into PIECES!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

TTFF 2010 short film ident competition

I am no film maker but I enjoy coming up with interesting concepts no matter what the medium. So when I saw that TTFF was having a competition for youths under 28 to come up with a storyboard or script for a 30-60 second ident, I decided to participate. The concept needed to be based on their theme "You're in Focus", and for me that meant documenting something that we see every day but not necessarily notice - Highway Vendor.
Storyboard for TTFF 2010 short film ident.

On our way to work on our nation's highways, we see them plying their trade, precariously weaving in and out of traffic, selling everything from drinks and snacks to fruits and car accessories. This is what I think we should strive to represent more in our work as creative people. To view the other three idents that won and also to get more information about Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival 2010 check the link HERE

Friday, August 20, 2010

Rough Cut Film Camp

This 10 sec animation was done for the opening of rough cut film camp. Rough Cut Film Camp is a six weeks film workshop where secondary school students can learn the rudimentary aspects of film making. I also created the logo for Rough Cup Film Camp.

Rough Cut Film Camp Logo

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Power of De Word

So my good friend Taharqa Obika is having a Spoken Word Concert. For those of you who like poetry and would like to maintain a cool vibes this Saturday, this is the show for you. Featuring some of Trinidad's most captivating practitioners of the oral tradition. Names like Philomena, Muhammad Muwakil, Kizzie Ruiz, Keegan Maharaj, Ivory Hayes, Mistah Shak, Jervae Caesar, Lou Lyons, Naomi Abiola, North Eastern and Friends Choir and Taharqa Obika would be there. Tickets are still on can check the flyer below.

Ok so now onto my contribution in this whole thing. I was approached a few months ago by Taharqa to come up with a logo for this event. Now when you hear power of the word some how people automatically start thinking rebellion and revolution which translates into the clenched fist. I try not to be stereotypical as much as possible when I design, so it was a challenge for me to use what was existing and transform it into something contemporary and unique.

Preliminary Ideas

The final logo design had a retro feel to it with a stylized mic on top. The colours and the wings at the side of the logo also assisted to make the design visually appealing.

I also worked on the flyer and the ticket for the event.These also had a fun retro feel to it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ten Images for Ithaca 2010

Ten Images for Ithaca is a annual poster design competition that is held in Ithaca, Greece. This year the theme was Labels. You can find out more about the competition here. I had several ideas on the theme but one stood out more that the others, skin as a label. Just imagine putting a label on a person because of the colour of their skin.........and I mean a REAL LABEL. One that categorizes a persons ethnic makeup, personality traits, and value when related to other skin types. The design involved photographing various skin tones and filling out the Nutritional Value accordingly. The poster below is the one I chose for the competition. I did not win but I really think I want to continue the study. I am on the search for new skin so if you are interested drop me a line.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Photos- A New Beginning

I always had an interest in photography ever since I was young. I remember jumping on my bike and riding up that menacing hill strait to Caura river where i would spend many hours photographing the lovely scenes around me. Back then I mainly took photos as reference to compose my paintings bus eventually taking photos became a separate creative release in itself. So recently I invested in a better camera than the point and shoot that I had before. All I have to say is that IT WAS WORTH IT!!! These are some photos that i took recently.

Anti-Everything - Iz D Man

This animation was produced at Full Circle Animation studio (I work there) for a local band called Anti-Everything.The song 'I'z D Man' is the lead single off of the Decision 2010 EP. 'Decision 2010' is a four song EP and content package centered on the theme of Trinidad and Tobago's 2010 General Elections. You can check them out here. This is the team that worked o the animation:- Rene Holder, Luis Vasquez, Judah Modeste, Makesi Aquan, Marcus Marshall, Alexander Rodriguez and myself. We all had our own varying styles coming in to this project but we came together and pulled it off in about eight days. This is the end result.

I am back.

Ok so I know I haven't been posting stuff for a while, but I have been working. Doing a lot of stuff these days actually. So I would be updating you soon.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Commissioned Paintings

These paintings were commissioned for Island Beauty, a store that sells hairdressing equipment and products. The pieces were meant to be vibrant with hints of abstracted hairdressing equipments. I really enjoyed creating these paintings and I realize now that I really need to start back painting. I love it!!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

T-Shirt Design Bp Renegades

BP Renegades T-shirt competition was held by bpTT last year. Artists were asked to submit an interpretive trilogy design that would commemorate bpTT's 40th year of sponsorship of the band and highlight the rich history of the BP Renegades Steel Orchestra. Myself and John Farfan came up with some unique designs and entered the competition. We came out as the first place winners. This design is one of three. Look out for the other designs in 2011 and 2012 panorama.

Receiving our Award

For more information, check out the Newsday article HERE

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christmas gift

This is a portrait i did for my Uncle's wife as a Christmas gift.

Medium:- Oil pastels on paper

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Design Solutions for Storyteller Taharqa Obika

After creating the animation 'Small Ting Mentality' with my friend Taharqa's story, we decided to stick together and work on other projects. His next move was to develop a book of short poems where each piece would be done daily over a space of a few months. My mission was to create a book cover that had a Caribbean feel with a contemporary look. So I started with the cliche imagery of sun, sand and coconut trees and then worked backwards;and then it came to me one evening just playing around in illustrator with shapes and text. I eventually conceptualized a typographic design with bold colors and clean layout. A superimposed coconut tree was also incorporated into the design to give that subtle feel of Caribbeaness. The illustrations I started off with were not wasted, they were used as supporting imagery for some of the poems in the book. So everything worked out fine. As an added bonus, a DVD with some of his live performances was given free with the purchase of a book. I also did the design for that DVD and a flyer to promote the book.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This was done while i was in work just fooling around with some images when the guys at work gave me the idea to use a friend's photo, which looks Avatar like, and mess with it. The funny thing was that he hates the movie with a passion and we only found out this after he saw what we did. But it was all good. Really funny trust meh!!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Political Landscape

When we talk about landscapes we usually think about spatial representations of the environment around us, but to me it is sometimes more interesting to present aspects of our landscape that are not easily exposed. Social issues such as crime and corruption affects us all on a daily basis either directly or indirectly, so why do some people view it as not being part of our landscape? This was my motivation for creating these pieces. I needed to express my views on the political landscape of Trinidad and showcase the views and opinions of others through my paintings.

Election Gimmick:- Elections in Trinidad is really interesting. We beg politicians for basic necessities for years but only around election time we would see these issues being 'halfway' addressed. They pave roads and clean streets in an attempt to silence us and convince us to vote for them, but isn't it ironic that the same index finger they use to silence us, is the same finger we use to vote for them. THE POWER IS IN YOUR FINGER.

Father of the nation?

I want your VOTE!!:- Uncle Patos (Patrick Manning-Prime Minister) running things. We saw the extent of this when he decided to allow a smelter plant to be constructed in this country with blatant disregard for the well being of citizens. But you know what, that is what you guys voted for.



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