Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Power of De Word

So my good friend Taharqa Obika is having a Spoken Word Concert. For those of you who like poetry and would like to maintain a cool vibes this Saturday, this is the show for you. Featuring some of Trinidad's most captivating practitioners of the oral tradition. Names like Philomena, Muhammad Muwakil, Kizzie Ruiz, Keegan Maharaj, Ivory Hayes, Mistah Shak, Jervae Caesar, Lou Lyons, Naomi Abiola, North Eastern and Friends Choir and Taharqa Obika would be there. Tickets are still on sale......you can check the flyer below.

Ok so now onto my contribution in this whole thing. I was approached a few months ago by Taharqa to come up with a logo for this event. Now when you hear power of the word some how people automatically start thinking rebellion and revolution which translates into the clenched fist. I try not to be stereotypical as much as possible when I design, so it was a challenge for me to use what was existing and transform it into something contemporary and unique.

Preliminary Ideas

The final logo design had a retro feel to it with a stylized mic on top. The colours and the wings at the side of the logo also assisted to make the design visually appealing.

I also worked on the flyer and the ticket for the event.These also had a fun retro feel to it.

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