Monday, December 28, 2009

Tobago Christmas

Christmas in Tobago was great!!! If you are looking for a quiet and restful Christmas next year, trust me, go to Tobago!!! Any how What i really want to show you are some interesting photos I took in Tobago. You would realize that most of the shots are close up, this is because i enjoy taking macro shots.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

$20 Budget Sculpture.

This was another assignment that i enjoyed. It was actually a challenge that required each group to create the tallest sculpture possible using $20 to buy the materials. So only $20................. what material would be the cheapest and structurally stable at great heights? The decision we eventually came to was to use newspaper which was relatively cheap and obviously accessible. We did a prototype first to work out the structural issues and then we did the final piece.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Red Bull Doodle Competition

Red Bull had a doodle competition at UWI last week, so I thought it would be cool to try my hand at something. I don't doodle as much as I did in secondary school but I still see the importance of just creating random designs. These designs could be the catalyst for brilliant creative ideas in the future. I call this piece 'Exam stress, drink the best'

Friday, December 4, 2009

Gaza mi seh and Gully for life!!!!

So this "Gaza and Gully" uprising that has been spreading from community to community got me thinking. I asked myself why we Trinidadians always following other people's culture? We are like a big piece of tracing paper. So you know the saying 'if you cant beat them join them so I decided to use the hype behind the 'Gaza and Gully' feud to promote my Key chains that represented the two waring fractions. I came up with this idea while just joking about the situation and thinking of creating something for a design exhibition UWI hosted. I got some valuable ideas from the guys at work and then decided to actually make the key chains. Now don't get me wrong, I am not promoting violence, so you would not find any key chains with weapons just cool hair styles, funky colors and funny expressions. Talk to meh if you want one!!



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photo - Takeout - ah

These are some photos I took a while back (2005) with a 3 mega pixel Sony Cybershot Camera. They were taken at Paramin.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Animae Caribe Television AD

This 30 Second animation is an adaptation of the poster i designed for the festival. It did not make it to television but it played on the festival website, the 'Big screen' in Port-of-Spain, and during the festival. I got assistance from Stefano Caines and Alexander Rodriguez with the composition and animation. Thanks guys!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Animae Caribe Designs

So myself and Luis Vasquez were brought in as the design theme for this years Animae Caribe Festival. We created designs for Billboards, posters, flyers, press ADs and invitations. We even did some designs for the website. These are some of my designs.

Press AD


Website Banner



Thursday, October 29, 2009

Red Bull Art of Can Competition.

Artists from all over Trinidad submitted artwork featuring Red Bull's iconic can to enter the annual Art of Can creative competition. The local leg of the award ceremony was held at The Corner Bar in Woodbrook, where Dave Cooper's Michael Jackson piece won. My piece 'D Pan Man' came in fourth. The four selected pieces represented Trinidad in the Red Bull competition in Jamaica. The images below are from the night at Corner Bar.

The four artist whose work represented Trinidad at the Red Bull Art of Can in Jamaica. The exhibition ran from October 1st-11th.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Small Ting to the World!

The animation reaching places that i can't reach yet!! In July it was screened in Caribbean Tales Film Festival in Canada. This was the first time my animation made it in a Film Festival outside of Trinidad so that was big for me.

Apparently the response was good because a few weeks later I was contacted
(via Facebook) by a guy who saw the animation in the film festival and was interested of making it a part of a Caribbean Short film showcase that would be screened in Rode Loper Film Festival in Amsterdam and the Shoot Me Film Festival in Hague. His name is Emiel Martens, the Executive Director of Caribbean Creativity, an organization that promotes creative expression from the Caribbean. Yuh done know i was all for that so I send my stuff to him and that was that. Small Ting becoming ah Big Ting!!

Caribbean Creativity Flyer

Emiel Martens and Douwe Dijksterhuis from Caribbean Creativity

The Table in front of the screening tent with information about the Caribbean showcase.
(yuh see d little postcard with d octopus on it, that was done by Luis Vasquez for Animae Caribe. D thing reach Netherlands Big up Yuhself !)

A screen shot of my animation in the Shoot Me Film Festival.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Small Ting Mentality gets an Award

Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival has always been a outlet for local and Caribbean animators to get their work out there. I entered my animation in the 2008 animation festival with hopes of just getting my work screened and seeing the crowd's response. I was extremely pleased to find out at the end of the festival that i won the 'Most Outstanding Caribbean Animation' in the festival.

I still believe that i am not an animator i am just someone who enjoys creating animations.

Small Ting Mentality

The creation of the animation "Small Ting Mentality" has been a real challenge for me, from learning Anime Studio in a few weeks to trying to figure out After effects. I enjoyed it thoroughly. This is it check it out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The anti- smelter uprising in Trinidad was a serious and major issue in 2007 and I took this opportunity to express my views visually through my work. I experimented with everything from propaganda posters to animation and even chalk art. I was very serious about most of the issues I dealt with in my work but overall I was just trying to have fun.

This piece entitled 'Stop D Smelter' was created in Photoshop and Illustrator. I enjoyed do this piece and the comical image of 'Uncle Patos' helped it even more. At the time i was researching a lot of Soviet union propaganda posters and i got inspired.

Chalk art has always been an integral part of Animae Caribe and i have enjoyed creating unique pieces. This was done at UWI for the festival.

Graphite animation created in Photoshop, Premiere and Crazy talk. Just experimenting.

The Beginning of Small Ting!!!

Now how i came about creating this animation is a crazy story in itself. It was final year UWI, film and video class, and i had to produce a three minute piece for my final assignment. I knew i wanted to create an animation but was not sure what to do. 'Thank god for weird coincidences because if it was not for Taharqa Obika and our collaboration, the Small Ting Mentality animation would be non existent. I met him in the computer labs at UWI, where he overheard me talking about my project and then he introduced himself as a storyteller trying to get his work out there. After that we just clicked, i brought up the idea of taking one of his stories and animating it and he was cool with it. You can join his group on facebook here.

So these are my preliminary sketches of the main character. I final design was created in Anime Studio which was also the program i used to animate the character. The drawings below are caricatures of the storyteller. Photoshop was used to color the drawing.


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