Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Beginning of Small Ting!!!

Now how i came about creating this animation is a crazy story in itself. It was final year UWI, film and video class, and i had to produce a three minute piece for my final assignment. I knew i wanted to create an animation but was not sure what to do. 'Thank god for weird coincidences because if it was not for Taharqa Obika and our collaboration, the Small Ting Mentality animation would be non existent. I met him in the computer labs at UWI, where he overheard me talking about my project and then he introduced himself as a storyteller trying to get his work out there. After that we just clicked, i brought up the idea of taking one of his stories and animating it and he was cool with it. You can join his group on facebook here.

So these are my preliminary sketches of the main character. I final design was created in Anime Studio which was also the program i used to animate the character. The drawings below are caricatures of the storyteller. Photoshop was used to color the drawing.

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