Wednesday, October 14, 2009

3 Dimentional Form

Sculpture has always been another early passion of mine but it proved to be a bit more challenging and time consuming than painting. This sculpture, which was named "Man vs Technology" was constructed using antiprisms made out of aluminium sheeting. I used cement for the hand which was not my preferred choice but i used what i had at the time. The concept was birthed out of my need to find out who was really in control 'Man of Technology'. Obviously most people would say man because we are the creators, but some hold to the view that the very existence of it shapes the way we live our lives. So 'who running things!!!' well to tell you the truth i was not sure so i left up to the viewer to decide. Is the robot stamping the hand into the ground and showings it's authority or is the hand, which represents man, supporting the figure so it would not tilt over? You decide!!!
(completed in April 2005)

The process was very important in the development of the final sculpture. I paid close attention to proportion by creating a prototype to scale and then scaling it up to the actual size but using cardboard instead. This was just to make sure that I had the correct balance and shapes needed to make the final sculpture.

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