Saturday, February 9, 2013

Black Stalin - Dr. Leroy Calliste

This Poster was in the making for quite some time. I got inspired after viewing a documentary on him created by my friend Tamara Tam-Cruickshank. This is just my tribute to him. Enjoy!!!


  1. Hi Seon, Alexander Best here, editor at Zocalo Poets, a multilingual poetry site. We did a feature on kaiso-calypso-soca on Feb. 28th 2014. Your Black Stalin poster is a part of it. Asking you for permission to post after the fact, oops! We were too rushed at the time. Hoping that's alright. Very strong image btw, both its design and its colour combo.

  2. Good day. No problem I know how things go sometimes. You can send me a link to the article via email.



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