Sunday, September 7, 2014

Caution Tape - Mixtape design

Caution Tape

Caution Tape Vol. 1 is the debut compilation project from Trinidad and Tobago artiste Nathanael. The 26 year-old, relatively known for a more unique melodic approach, with his signature blend of urban r&b and Caribbean sound releases his first full offering this August 2014.

According to Nathanael, the mixtape project was intended to embody varying aspects relating to the theme of caution:
·      an alert to social ills and perils currently gripping our societies... CAUTION!
·      an alert to those members of society wanting to be part of the solution to be careful in doing so, especially given the limitations placed on them by those in authority possessing the power to influence and foster change… CAUTION!
·      a response to cautionary warnings issued to those bent on speaking out against the rampaging spiritual immorality in our homes, in our schools, in our families & in our societies… CAUTION!
·      an ironic reversal wherein which the voice of the church in society espouses a cautionary warning of its own, declaring that they will speak out against these ills - going on record to state that their lips will not be taped… CAUTION!
The reeling tape represents Nathanael’s desire to speak out amidst a barrage of cautionary warnings, voicing his perspectives through music, as depicted by the cassette tape.
The tomb, a symbol of death, suggests a loss of life and destruction – a realization of an end. The bordering chalked lines indicate a measure of finality, mirroring that of a modern crime scene. This crime scene, however, finds itself juxtaposed with the presence of the cross – a symbol of resurrection and renewed life.
The unraveling of the tape which takes form over the grave and around the cross represents an emanation of biblical truth & life into a society often said to be dying and decaying… Proceed with CAUTION!

Download the Mixtape for free here

Concept Sketch

Illustrated in Adobe Ideas
Final Design - Completed in Adobe Illustrator

CD and case design.
Booklet Design

Facebook profile picture and cover image design.

Caution Tape poster design

Caution Tape T-shirt design.


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