Friday, December 4, 2009

Gaza mi seh and Gully for life!!!!

So this "Gaza and Gully" uprising that has been spreading from community to community got me thinking. I asked myself why we Trinidadians always following other people's culture? We are like a big piece of tracing paper. So you know the saying 'if you cant beat them join them so I decided to use the hype behind the 'Gaza and Gully' feud to promote my Key chains that represented the two waring fractions. I came up with this idea while just joking about the situation and thinking of creating something for a design exhibition UWI hosted. I got some valuable ideas from the guys at work and then decided to actually make the key chains. Now don't get me wrong, I am not promoting violence, so you would not find any key chains with weapons just cool hair styles, funky colors and funny expressions. Talk to meh if you want one!!




  1. oh jesus. i find these rel fresh

    this morning i had an idea relating to the whole gaza/gully thing too and it came from exactly that same 'if u cant beat them, join them' kinda place.

    i rel like these.

  2. I want one or two...emailing you.

    They're fricking loveliness.

  3. watch nah.... as a man who despise the gaza/gully nonsense... i'm quite loving these chains (iChuckle at that, it's amazing how we love our chains).

    how does one get their hands on a few? and such?

    tracy j h

  4. do you still make them? i want some :)



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